The world of motoring is a great deal of passion but then again it’s not everything. We celebrated the final days of the Carnival in the style of New York’s night club Studio 54, if in Warsaw-based SEN club. As the master of ceremony mixing for us we had JellyBean Benitez, the iconic DJ from 254 West 54th Street and a former producer for Madonna. The mood was really unique and very inspiring for planning our club’s programme for 2019.



The second edition of our driving on snow is mission complete. We just couldn’t stay indifferent knowing the locals speak about winter of the decade in Subcarpathia. So much snow staying for so long is uncommon in Poland’s mountain range any more. It was another nice surprise for us after the wonderful sunny weather that came in April 2018 to never relent until November. So how it was? Faster this time around, and more ballsy: as skills improve, you may dare to reach an inch or two beyond the initial defensive safe-side. More dynamic driving means more challenge to the driver as it takes quicker reactions, earlier decisions and better guessing about the grip for the rubber. Minute after minute this melts down to a trance where intuition becomes more essential than reflexes of daily commute driving. That’s how we develop and gain more resilience to sudden traps which are always lurking out there in the craft of driving supercars.



For true petrolheads the driving season begins much earlier than first warm days of spring. On the contrary, severe frost, snow and limited grip are the best possible conditions to practice driving technique and feeling the kinetics behind it. Handling a car beyond the grip limit and skilful balance on the verge of it is not only very educational – it is immensely pleasurable as well. That’s why we planned three editions of snow camp this winter: we have just came back from snowy Subcarpathia region, only to repeat it soon and then fly to Sweden to drive over a frozen lake. This will be held our style: everything ready and prepared, our members don’t bother about a thing but upgrade their skills. Which keep improving one winter after another.



Supercar Club Poland’s annual Christmas Eve is the largest non-driving event we hold. The opportunity to meet everybody among our members who make the Club and make it unique happens only once a year. This year the venue was lofty – the top floor of Złota 44 apartment tower proved perfect for the occasion and abound with carefully selected attractions. Which ones? Here we’ll stay with our trademark discretion, only slightly compromised by camera lenses.



Can you marry the passion for motoring with tasting fine liquors? Sure you can as long as the former is only exercised as theory. Even this aspect of being a petrolhead can be quite exciting, as proven by Krzysztof and Grzegorz – our Club’s experts in, respectively, sports cars machinery and history. That it takes true mastery to create top notch alcohols we had already known before, invited by Remy Martin. This meeting with Hennessy only consolidated us in that belief. We mentioned theory – when in Audi, we inquired into the transmission technology of the iconic quattro AWD. Indeed, one generation after another of four-wheel-driven Audis revealed the talent and competence of engineers from Ingolstadt. And we aren’t restricted to theory alone in this department, having TT RS, RS5, RS6 and R8 within our fleet.