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New cars revealed

How does the selection of cars for Supercar Club Poland look like? Before the start of the season, our team chose a list of remarkable 30 new models. Then we created a website available only for Club members, where they could get acquainted with short presentations of selected cars and vote for those they would like to drive. Recently, we invited our Members to the premiere event in the garage, where we presented the results of voting and the first 7 novelties that will stay with us for longer. But that's not all - we've also presented cars that are just below the voting limit to convince them live. Some of the cars ordered by the Club have not appeared in Poland yet, so we didn’t have the last word this year. It seems to be another record-breaking season in the Supercar Club Poland garage. All Club Members have an influence on the content of our garage of dreams and such events build a unique social sphere of the Club. Soon we will officially present what we have prepared for this season.


Ice Driving Sweden 2020

Square kilometers of lake covered with a half-meter layer of ice, 500 metal spikes in each tire, several degrees below zero in full sun... No, the numbers do not reflect the magic of our trips to frozen lakes in Sweden, where we train and enjoy a completely different dimension of driving a car. We had the latest Porsche 911 Carrera 4S and four-wheel, light Volkswagen Golf R at our disposal. Winter does not let up there - as far as the eye can see, everything was covered with white powder. Driving on snow and ice requires getting used to inertia, which is not permitted on grippy asphalt. Professional instructors first honed our under- and oversteer control skills as well as car weight transfer on specially prepared slaloms. Full control of the machine on slippery surfaces is especially pleasant for the driver. When the group gained confidence in their skills, the speed on a narrow track reached 100 km/h. Finally the time has come for the final test - competition on time. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants. The four-day trip brought great progress, gentlemen!




This year’s winter in Poland plays hide and seek. We were fortunate to find it at the foot of Bieszczady mountains where we held our annual Snow Driving Camp. The track – covered with a layer of fresh snow, carefully prepared and closed for us – became perfect playground for our rally machinery. The devise in our Club is to have best cars for every kind of need. Therefore, to drive on snow and ice we use Lancers Evo and Subaru Impreza. Years go by and no other car so far managed to rival their potential in this respect. The Club members had an opportunity to hone their skills under the eye of our instructors and just enjoy cutting long slides. The aim was to develop the technique of turning using the accelerator more than the steering wheel that we reckon essential once on loose and slippery surfaces. You must have seen WRC cars smoothly flowing from one corner to another in the Rally of Sweden – that’s how this should be done. The cars returned to the garage unscathed and we had tremendous joy and acquired new skills. Thanks to all who shared these days with us. See you in a year, whimsical winter!



We had a honour to be among the few to see the most recent model developed by Aston Martin – a superSUV called DBX. Invited by Warsaw-based dealership of the noble British brand, we could attend a pre-release show of the car – one of the world’s very first. Aston Martin has great expectations for that model: if successful, it will enable the company to implement designs of a new range of mid-engined supercars. We cherish that prospect much and cross our fingers. DBX is not accompanied by braggy quotations about its performance figures or lap times recorded. Instead, this is just an Aston Martin in the luxury SUV segment, and it looks gorgeous. As the preview was an intimate event, we could inspect the vehicle closely and we can tell you this: although what we saw is a pre-production car, still the quality of its build and trim is up there with the best of them, the Urus and the Bentayga. In short: this promises to be a big success.



On some events we hold the cars stay back – and our annual Christmas Eve party is the most traditional example. We are always so happy to meet everybody at the same time and place – the Supercar Club’s team and staff as well as our members around whom it all revolves. During this friendly evening we sum up the past season and present our ideas for the ne to come. But most of all, we just meet to have a good time and know each other even better. After all, it’s this unique atmosphere, a new of relationships that makes our Club one of a kind. Mags Gessler’s AleGloria restaurant specialised in traditional Polish cuisine served food and ensured the proper Christmas mood. We won’t reveal any more keeping to our basic rule of secrecy our club members appreciate. On that occasion, Krzysztof Hołowczyc and the entire team send you best Christmas wishes. May you fulfil a lot of petrolhead dreams over the new year 2020!