The associations with the Disney movie is not accidental. In Åre in central Sweden, on a frozen lake, driving AWD cars on studded tyres, men grow younger and really become children. Timidly in the beginning, with much respect for the kinetics and the inertia when there’s only so much grip. With much apprehension because it’s so different than driving supercars on a dry tarmac. Then with more and more brio as the confidence builds up. Until the moment comes when you manage to throw the car right into the curve at a speed approaching 100 kph. This particular feeling cannot be compared to anything else experienced at the wheel. The obedience you get from a powerful car in the element of snow and ice all around, the pleasure of steering with the right pedal… and still we go there for more. If Supercar Club Poland’s 2019 Ice Driving event attracted most participants in years, it’s for the unique atmosphere of this special winter outing. Thank you guys for who you are!



The world of motoring is a great deal of passion but then again it’s not everything. We celebrated the final days of the Carnival in the style of New York’s night club Studio 54, if in Warsaw-based SEN club. As the master of ceremony mixing for us we had JellyBean Benitez, the iconic DJ from 254 West 54th Street and a former producer for Madonna. The mood was really unique and very inspiring for planning our club’s programme for 2019.



The second edition of our driving on snow is mission complete. We just couldn’t stay indifferent knowing the locals speak about winter of the decade in Subcarpathia. So much snow staying for so long is uncommon in Poland’s mountain range any more. It was another nice surprise for us after the wonderful sunny weather that came in April 2018 to never relent until November. So how it was? Faster this time around, and more ballsy: as skills improve, you may dare to reach an inch or two beyond the initial defensive safe-side. More dynamic driving means more challenge to the driver as it takes quicker reactions, earlier decisions and better guessing about the grip for the rubber. Minute after minute this melts down to a trance where intuition becomes more essential than reflexes of daily commute driving. That’s how we develop and gain more resilience to sudden traps which are always lurking out there in the craft of driving supercars.



For true petrolheads the driving season begins much earlier than first warm days of spring. On the contrary, severe frost, snow and limited grip are the best possible conditions to practice driving technique and feeling the kinetics behind it. Handling a car beyond the grip limit and skilful balance on the verge of it is not only very educational – it is immensely pleasurable as well. That’s why we planned three editions of snow camp this winter: we have just came back from snowy Subcarpathia region, only to repeat it soon and then fly to Sweden to drive over a frozen lake. This will be held our style: everything ready and prepared, our members don’t bother about a thing but upgrade their skills. Which keep improving one winter after another.



Supercar Club Poland’s annual Christmas Eve is the largest non-driving event we hold. The opportunity to meet everybody among our members who make the Club and make it unique happens only once a year. This year the venue was lofty – the top floor of Złota 44 apartment tower proved perfect for the occasion and abound with carefully selected attractions. Which ones? Here we’ll stay with our trademark discretion, only slightly compromised by camera lenses.



Can you marry the passion for motoring with tasting fine liquors? Sure you can as long as the former is only exercised as theory. Even this aspect of being a petrolhead can be quite exciting, as proven by Krzysztof and Grzegorz – our Club’s experts in, respectively, sports cars machinery and history. That it takes true mastery to create top notch alcohols we had already known before, invited by Remy Martin. This meeting with Hennessy only consolidated us in that belief. We mentioned theory – when in Audi, we inquired into the transmission technology of the iconic quattro AWD. Indeed, one generation after another of four-wheel-driven Audis revealed the talent and competence of engineers from Ingolstadt. And we aren’t restricted to theory alone in this department, having TT RS, RS5, RS6 and R8 within our fleet.



We attended Warsaw’s annual major rallying event in the stands to cheer for Krzysztof Hołowczyc, the founder of Supercar Club Poland. Interestingly, there was one of our members competing, for the first time in this rally and quite successfully as he made the finish line with no problems and at honourable speed. We are happy some of us apply to startlists of motorsport events nowadays, with enough maturity to seek self-improvement rather than bitter rivalry against the pros. To encourage them even more, in 2019 we will launch Supercar Club’s Motorsport Academy and prepare our members for the next adventures on the best professional level you can find in Poland.


Gran Turismo... Hołek

East or West, Warmia’s the best :-) Soon after our return from the French GT we were out there again for the thrill of gravel roads on special stages near Olsztyn. One exception from our Club’s standards was this time we chose passenger rather than driver’s seat as we had Supercar Club founder Krzysztof Hołowczyc at the wheel. How was that? Very fast to begin with, although it’s not sheer speed that impresses the most. Instead, it is calm. Coolness and composure. The key to real mastery in this craft is about confidence in whatever one does. If you drive a car fast not knowing your limits, you’re about to infringe them sooner or later. If you fail to predict what will happen, to stay a couple of steps ahead of the situation, it will overwhelm you. Like with chess to a certain degree, only here it’s gonna hurt – you’re hardly likely to just walk off from the table. Anyway, it’s really worthwhile to learn from Hołek, undeniably one of the few genuine aces in his trade.



How can we possibly sum up all the emotions from our GT Monte Carlo in a short note with some snapshots to match? We wouldn’t even try. However, each of our past tours left us with some key reflection. This year’s was no exception. Certainly, what we revealed this time are roads – roads made for experiencing sheer driving pleasure, endless, uncongested, panoramic… Actually, roads so fit for pure-bred sports cars can hardly be found elsewhere in Europe. And then, we were so happy to share them with the company of fine drivers and great people among our club’s members. Thank you and see you next year!



So they took off! For long-awaited “Start your engines!” at the Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur. As our supercars were bound towards Monte Carlo we knew they were going to meet a jolly good four-wheeled company there. Indeed, few things are as commonplace in Monaco as supercars. But that was just the opening fanfare for us. Soon we were on the road again to explore an endless web of secondary roads in Eastern Occitanie – a region with spectacular landscapes and still (luckily so) scarce touristic traffic. So Monaco’s most splendid hotel gave way to three country châteaux and cliff roads over the sea – to ravines and plateaux of Massif Central. What’s worth a cavalier unless horseback? – Napoleon Bonaparte’s sad reflection from the exile in Elba rang in our minds so we made sure our fleet chosen from the Supercar Club garage never lacked horsepower. Bon voyage, Messieurs!



Moto Park Ułęż joins the calendar of our Club’s track days. For the Club members wishing to upgrade their driving skills at higher speeds and with natural (rather than racing circuit’s) route layout this will provide a great practice field. That said, those about competition in sporty driving are not the only ones invited. We are just as eager to see there anybody who would like to become a better driver and follow their daily road routine with more aplomb and confidence. The rule is the same as in any skill we develop: no effort, no effect – and the greater the former, the better the latter.


Dolce vita

Weather reports are pure magic and climate statistics unprecedented. Central and Eastern Europe, early September: we get thirty Celsius degrees and hoods wide open across the fleet of the Club’s roadsters. Even the eldest among our country’s supercar owners haven’t remembered a summer like this. Or the spring before. Accordingly, 2018 will find its place in the Club chronicles as the most prolific year as far as road trips are concerned, especially with roadsters and wind in our hair. 488 Spider, R8 Spider, 4C Spider, C7 Spider are just some of the fiery comets that trailblazed the blazing hot Saturday. It’s been first time in years that we really experienced what the Italians mean by dolce vita. Fine weather, stay a while, you are so beautiful…



This year’s Supercar Club’s greatest outing will start in September. Its programme is about to include everything a petrolhead needs to thrive – and more, with excess typical to the French Riviera. We have already carried out a prep tour, selecting, as we always do, posh places to get a taste of quality life and a good proportion of rather deserted areas for our engines and ourselves to breath freely. Treasures of the region will abound but roads to drive are really the point so you can expect no less excitement than during our previous tours in Italy and Croatia. Where exactly shall we stop? You’re in for surprise, slightly unveiled by the video below. See you!



An opportunity to test the world’s best cars in their classes, on the road and all in one day, is rather uncommon or plainly unique. In our Club we call it Supercar Day. The choice? It’s quite obvious. For a mighty GT coupé we take Ferrari F12. A quick and irrational one – that must be Lamborghini Aventador. Porsche 911 Turbo S for a dose of something reasonable to balance things off. A roadster? Of course, the best we’ve ever driven: Audi R8 V10. And then some more supercars, each having its own niche in terms of various aspects of driving pleasure. The recent weekend is going to be fondly remembered by our Club members. That kind of experience makes it clear which car is money well spent and which is not. The fastest isn’t always the best. The most impressive rarely occurs practical. All in all, the best is the one you find most satisfying on the road.


Monster Truck & Wrack Race

Tough guys don’t just drive cars – instead, they use them to grapple and wrestle. A horde of raging men in fierce rivalry for the finish line in the total demolition race. With blood, sweat and tears matching the jangling sound of main bearings seized up, gearboxes ground to scrap metal and dampers popping up through bonnets – this is our perfectly normal annual Wreck Race. And then, once the smoke settles down, what’s the use of what remained of cars? You can imagine that considering we also had a monster truck this time. To be perfectly earnest, it’s the kind of machinery we’d gladly see in our club’s fleet as weapon to handle Warsaw’s traffic jams.



Back in 1970s safe speed was a slogan postulated by a legendary rally champion Mr. Sobiesław Zasada. We couldn’t agree more. In our approach, safety in a car stems from awareness, focus and skills which hardly come from pure theory or slow-motion drills around a couple of cones. Instead, regular and well-planned practice is the answer. It’s much in the same way as in the gym – can you get fit by running or lifting weights only now and then? Since the beginning of the club season we are regular guests at racetracks and then we practice healthy road driving, honing our survival skills in the jungle of Polish trunk roads. It’s an immense satisfaction to us seeing our club members start from a rough and basic level and some years later come to rank in the upper echelon of our country’s rallying and racing events.



Polish hospitality is nothing short of legendary. Now we know that for sure, having had a real proof recently. After a weekend spent at Kuba’s in Beskid highlands we are first to attest what we experienced is yet to be surpassed. Of course we never lose an opportunity if there are some mountain road passes around – and so we did this time not at all restricting ourselves to stationary viewpoints. Great thanks Kuba for everything you gave us! Next time you are welcome in lowlands which doesn’t mean lower levels – absolutely not.



For a normal road-going driver nothing ever compares to sheer kinetic sensations felt in pure racing single-seater, if he ever has an opportunity to drive one, of course. The impression stems from a contact with really uncompromising machinery, purpose-built for performance and ruthlessly maximising three parameters that count: braking, cornering and accelerating. What we’ve experienced during our trip to Spielberg in Austria escapes any comparisons. Several dozens laps made in Formula 4.0 and 3.5 Renault racing cars around the Red Bull Ring redefined our concepts of grip or speed. Sole figures (500 hp and 600 kg) are sorely not enough to describe the endless potential of these machines. If there is anything on par with sensations behind their wheel, it is the utmost professionalism the team of racing engineers and mechanics reveals at work in the pit stop. We come back stunned, delighted and… never going to be quite the same again.



Finally there! The springtime greeted Bieszczady mountains bringing perfect conditions for our regular driving skills training camp. We hold it on undeniably Poland’s best driving roads and, just like every time we go there, we provide a fleet selected to find a full range of motoring impressions – from eager hot hatches through fast rear wheel-driven coupés to crushingly effective and powerful AWDs. This year there were many questions calling to be answered: a BMW M2 is a great car but will it cope with merciless twists on the Bieszczadzka loop? How our A-Group cars perform on roads known from hillclimbs held there every year? And then, is there any car capable of keeping up on a twisty bit of tarmac with our Mazda MX-5 equipped with Clobsport suspension? Time to check out!



All quiet in the Western front – that’s what we’re tempted to say having visited the Geneva Motor Show. We came back neither astonished nor particularly delighted but still we’d like to see some of the novelties in our garage. We really liked exquisitely crafted Porsche modifications by RUF. We certainly noticed some new proposals from McLaren, now very close to leave its Southern European competition behind its back. Then, it seems the new Bentley Continental GT, at this stage developed to the utmost perfection, must find its way to our fleet. But most of all, we are now awaiting real springtime to translate the theory seen in the motor show into actual driving.



The sense of a driver’s oneness with a car, felt while driving on ice on studded tyres cannot be reproduced on any other road surface conditions. When a steering wheel isn’t used to steer any more and the accelerator takes its role, sometimes with a gentle tap on the brakes. Coming back from frozen Swedish lakes we feel awkward in the grippy rest of Europe. In wasn’t easy to come back in the first place because the way Scandinavians understand comfort in Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Åre is addicting in all its unsurpassed simplicity. And yet the impressive of all things was the level of the trainees, mostly keeping up with their Swedish instructors and sometimes pressing them hard. Congratulations, mates, we took proper revenge for the 17th c. Swedish conquest.



Any day may be really fascinating, provided it is our club’s Supercar Day. We had some of them last year and there were all spectacular. When roads leading to Warsaw get crowded, we take a couple of supercar – each slightly different then the rest – and go against the current. We know the Mazovia region has little to offer as far as driving roads are concerned, but still in fine company, driving peculiar cars, a real good time is guaranteed for all.
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What happens in SCC, stays in SCC – the classic adage to justify our modest photo gallery illustrating the Club’s Christmas Eve event that summed up the year 2017. The breakthrough year 2017 to be more specific, as it witnessed, among other things, the delivery of No. 100 SCC membership card! An increasing group of the Club members – actually much more than fellow members to each other by now – has been the best gift we could wish for. Our wishes to all of you, including in particular those absent on that special evening, are very simple: live a good life! If the Club will contribute to this, we will be honoured. Merry Christmas and dynamic New Year 2018.




It’s only one week before we go again to enjoy one of the Club’s events that attracts most interest among our members. We take over a dozen fast cars to the promised land of driving pleasure – Bieszczady mountains. We expect November to contribute roads void of holiday traffic and to paint this far Eastern end of Carpathian range with gorgeous colours of fall. Like small boys, we just can’t wait!




Is it possible at all to bring different generations together around petrolhead passion? We faced this and other intricate questions during a classic car day meeting in front of the Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. Fine colours of vintage cars melted with shades of a calm and warm Sunday as we shared our passion participating in a parade of classic cars along the city streets.




The first one hundred out of a limited series of 777 individually numbered watches – Atlantic Worldmaster Driver 777 – ended in and on hands of members of Supercar Club Poland. Press breakfast held in the SCC Zone attracted journalists and invited guests passionate about motoring. The event was hosted by Krzysztof Hołowczyc who was also the patron and advisor in creating this exclusive series of chronographs.




When brothers Édouard and André Michelin got patent for removable pneumatic tyre back in 1891, little did they know that in 2017 we would take their smart invention to the best use possible. Following the track of Michelin stars, we drove a distance of 1500 km through Bavaria, Tirol, Italian South Tirol / Upper Adige – Alps and Dolomites, then – and back to Red Bull’s realm in Salzburg, having meals in some of Europe’s best restaurants.




Did you know that Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd’s mythical album, was also recorded as a quadraphonic mix? Few people ever had an opportunity to appreciate its full sound from an original vinyl record, because quadraphonic audio systems had all but disappeared without ever becoming widespread. This special evening we listened to that and several other iconic records during an exclusive listening session of quadraphonic music, using a Muarah turntable – all in the Club’s garage. To have good music properly accompanied, between side A and B we explored secrets of the Earth’s most complex distillate – Scotch whisky.




Our annual pre-Christmas meeting is an attempt to answer the vital existential questions: which vehicles and where are we going to drive over the forthcoming new year? These and much more: the Club being mainly but not only about cars, we wonder what else can we do to attract our Members’ interest or have them interest us. In announcing our activities in the year 2017 we reached for the live presentation as the best way to move people’s imagination. The evening was a huge success, as witnessed by the time it finished: the next day around noon .




In order to drive fast in delectable landscape, the Apennines are the place to go… but not only! Across the Adriatic sea we found just as fine roads and equally welcoming people to match. Slovenia and Croatia greeted us with their very best in the fields of motoring, food and wine. We duly enjoyed all that, never forgetting one of our Club’s adages – no matter where you travel or what you drive, the important bit is what you experience and keep for yourself.




People who have achieved success in their careers know only too well their efforts are not over at this point. Their above-the-norm financial standing opens up a new chapter – that of protecting what they’ve got against aggression of the outside world. While not driving our cars for awhile, we asked our friends from special services to deliver a jump-start course of overcoming awkward situations. During a two-day camp we acquired skills in shooting, hand-to-hand combat, and even repelling a car assault. Because there are no safe people – there are only trained ones.




The times of school camps long gone? Not at all! As we do each year, we made out Club’s camp in Bieszczady mountains to upgrade our driving skills at the wheels of a dozen sports cars on Poland’s best driving roads. Cisna-Baligród in the new Focus RS. Dołżyca-Terka in the all-agile Clio Sport. Or, if you wish, defying gravitation on Berehy pass in a mighty Evo X. For most people it’s a “whatcha hell d’ya mean?” kind of chatter. For those who know it’s the land of motoring Nirvana.




You’re never going to be truly fast on dry roads unless you know how to drive on slippery ones. This is the truth you’re likely to hear from any sports driver. The skill of driving on ice is the root and essence of any driving skills. Well aware of that, we renounced sitting by the fireplace on winter days (well, on some of them we did anyway…). Instead, we boarded a plane to land, a couple of hours later, in a place where nobody holds the wheel dead straight. Much to our excitement, Sweden awaited us with a thick sheet of ice on the lakes. In AWD cars on studded tyres we basked in magic of kinetic driving. All under vigilant eye of local experts. All with joy that left us lost for words.




The homeland of most exciting and emotional vehicles tempts us with all sorts of attractions. Some of them have been spoiled by over-tourism and commercial abuse. The guiding idea for our GT Terra di Motori was to choose the very best in terms of what really excites us. While tracing the route, we carefully selected unique places full of charm and offering fine cuisine, typical to the Po Valley.




In theory it’s very simple. In practice, it also takes some talent to have fun. We took our Club’s closed birthday event to a top level indeed: by holding it on 42th floor of our partner’s Cosmopolitan apartment tower. The programme included live music, fashion show (more than just fashion, actually...), live cooking and spectacular parade of supercars watched as a bird’s eye view. All this in good company of friends and – why not tell you the truth? – high-grade liquors.




Are Alpine passes really an ambitious driver’s paradise as some famous people say? Following our another GT trip we have some mixed feelings, but nothing can take those 2500 fast kilometres away from us. The opportunity to directly compare between some of the world’s finest sports cars and do it on this twisting road playground was truly an exceptional adventure to recall and savour for the rest of our lives.




The trip like a house of many rooms, combining the pleasure of driving supercars with seductive attractions Northern Italy has to offer. On our route we experienced the impressive Elmau Castle, the splendid Villa d'Este, Horacio Pagani’s dream-come-true in San Cesario sul Panaro or the Garda Lake which was all tranquillity at this time of year. Other main points to remember include outstanding food, fabulous wines and endearing warmth with which people and places welcomed us.




Decision where to go to our Club’s first GT trip was a no-brainer. We went to Italy in several supercars, to experience winding roads going up the picturesque slopes and down again to places in which all things exude the spirit of Mediterranean dolce vita. Indeed, Italy remains one of few countries left in Europe where – knowing where and when – one can still drive fast cars in a manner they are meant to be driven.