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Meeting with Rafał Sonik & Corporate Connections

Rafał Sonik is a fulfilled businessman, one of Poland’s most successful competitors in motorsports and – aren’t we lucky? – our friend. Together with our partner organisation Corporate Connections we met Rafał, amongst some of his best machinery, to listen to him unveil some behind-the-curtain stories from Dakar.


2023 car voting

Every winter we decide by voting which new cars should be bought. This way every club member has a say in shaping our Club’s fleet. The first deliveries for the 2023 season are expected very soon. Meanwhile, the expectation is even more exciting considering that some new additions to the club garage for this year are not known yet.


A visit to the Ikony Motoryzacji Exhibition

As heavy weather makes daily driving a mess, at least we let enthusiasts admire our cars. To be more specific, just like a year ago, we have supported the 2nd edition of the Automotive Icons winter exhibition. A dozen or so club supercars, true works of art on wheels, can be seen until March 19th at PGE National Stadium. A total of 100 iconic precious machines we helped to collect include Ferrari Testarossa, Ford GT or Subaru Impreza 22B, accompanied by competition vehicles of champions like Krzysztof Hołowczyc, Rafał Sonik and Robert Kubica. We recommend the visit to any petrolhead – even those driving supercars as daily routine.


Christmas presents

This winter we got ourselves a lot of gifts – 8 four-wheel drive all-season cars. New G63, DBX707, Stelvio Quadrifoglio, RS6, M3 Competition M xDrive, another EVO X, RS5 Sportback, S3 Sportback. This way we now have as many as 23 cars on winter tyres ready to use. 23 is also the sum of new cars in the Club’s 2022 fleet. Thank you Santa!


Club Holidays meeting

Christmas Eve is a tradition we associate with meeting people we like. In the Club we meet every year on that occasion and this year we planned to do it big time – at the National Stadium. Unfortunately, it broke down, but we always keep our safe haven, the Club garage, in reserve. To uphold the tradition, once again the meeting had its highlight in performance of Enrico Palazzo, world-famous singer. The vibe it stirred shows that in this Club cars are just extras.