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Masters’ Club #2 - Marek Kondrat

Mark Kondrat's mastery has many facets. The acting ones we know very well, but having the opportunity to meet him in person, we did not ask about outstanding roles. The theme of the evening was wine tasting of a selection of Tuscan wines. The bouquet of flavors was complemented by conversations about travel, love of life and and business based on passion. The meeting was a great preview of the upcoming Driving Camp Tuscany, where Marek will personally be our guide to the delicious local vineyards. See you in Tuscany!



Ice Driving Sweden 2024

While everyone in Poland is already enjoying the first signs of spring, we escape to snowy Scandinavia for the annual "Ice Driving". In this part of Europe, the frost doesn't let up, but that's what we're here for - to have fun and develop skills on snow and ice. This year, the frozen lakes of northern Sweden also tempted many female club members. We have to admit that they did a great job. A fleet of Porsche 911s (including Dakar) equipped with studded tires worthily replaced our club cars. Our thoughts are already on the next edition!



Club Dining w Restauracji Nuta

Nuta Restaurant is an absolutely unique place - founded by our Club member together with chef Andrea Camastra, just a year after opening it won the highest honor, a Michelin star. Completely deservedly so. We were enchanted visiting Nuta just before its official opening. Returning after 2 years, we once again filled the premises for an exclusive visit and can assure everyone that Andrea and her team keep the level up! Thank you for the unforgettable flavors and passionate stories, see you again.



Masters’ Club #1 – Marcin Budkowski

There is no shortage of Masters of their fields in the Club and our immediate surroundings. Constantly looking for inspiration, we opened a series of private Masters' Club meetings, far-away from the turned-on cameras. Marcin Budkowski, the guest of the first one, shared with us the secrets of Formula 1. As a Pole holding the highest positions in the queen of motorsport, in his 20-year career he contributed to Michael Schumacher's last titles at Ferrari, managed McLaren’s aerodynamics department during Lewis Hamilton early years , was the right hand of the legendary racing director, Sir Charlie Whiting and one of the most important people in the FIA, and then the head of the Renault/Alpine F1 Team, having 750 people under him. Today, he is developing the global World Cup of Motorsport project and the careers of several Polish young racers, which we support.


Meeting with Corporate Connections at the Ikony Motoryzacji Exhibition

For those who want to combine business with pleasure, the Club also has a business and networking side. Seeking synergy, this time our meeting was joined by members of Corporate Connections, a friendly organization that, like us, carefully verifies its members. The meeting took place at the befriended Ikony Motoryzacji Exhibition at PGE Narodowy at PGE Narodowy, where several club cars spend the winter. As always, the content of this evening's conversations remains only within Club circle.