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Mountain Driving Camp November 2023

Tradition has come to pass - another Mountain Driving Camp, the Club's way of GT driving under the guidance of instructors, is behind us. The number of participants confirms our emphasis on skills. We had 17 cars at our disposal - all ready for the mountain serpentines. Among them were top hot hatches, such as several generations of Civic Type-R, M140i, Focus RS, as well as the crème de la crème of lightweight sports cars, such as Alpine, 4C, 718 Spyder. For the more advanced, there were machines that were close to motorsport, such as Lotus and Impreza N. Thank you all for a good driving and a great time. The next Camp in the spring in Tuscany.


GT Sardinia

Is there anything better for a gray autumn in Poland than sightseeing in supercars with a group of friends in warm Sardinia? It was worth taking as many as 24 cars there. The Mediterranean treasure island pays off with winding roads, crystal clear blue waters and beautiful sunsets in luxury hotels. Our host and guide was Rafał Sonik. We will definitely come back!


"Metamorphoses" spectacle

Every week, more and more cultural events appear on our calendar. After Drift Masters and the Polish Contest of Elegance, it was time for high culture. We were invited to the premiere of the multi-sensory musical spectacle "Metamorphoses" with a star cast - Krystyna Prońko, Maciej Zakościelny, Mirosław Zbrojewicz and many other talented artists. It was pure pleasure!


Polski Konkurs Elegancji

Although we have only future classics in our garage, last weekend we visited Polski Konkurs Elegancji (Polish Elegance Competition) in Rozalin in a group of several cars. It's nice to see how the environment of enthusiasts and collectors is developing thanks to this type of events - the level of cars is growing every year. Typically for the Club, beautiful cars were just an excuse for a meeting in nice circumstances. We played with the dress code according to the style of the event and took shelter from the rain for lunch in the palace restaurant. Club cars will still win prizes at the Competition!


Drift Masters Grand Finale

Drifting has not been in our area of interest due to its contradiction with the Club's rules. However in recent years it has become an extremely spectacular and professional field of motorsport, with Poland as one of the main forces. This is proven by the number of our competitors at the top of the highest Drift Masters league and the event that we admired from the VIP box. PGE Narodowy was visited by a total of 53,000 people! The greatest event in the history of the discipline showed us its secrets and scope. An exciting automotive spectacle.