With car keys put aside just for a while, we ventured to a place where our thought ran back to the autumn 2017. Do you remember? Our Gran Turismo Michelin, themed journey crossing Germany, Italy and Austria, the route outlined to thread restaurants that boasted the world’s most famous cuisine-related stars. One of such places can be found in Poland – in Warsaw, recently relocated to a neighbourhood of the Three Crosses Square. To be more specific, over a dozen of us paid a visit to Wojciech Modest Amaro’s culinary workshop. The man hardly needs introduction – instead, we should expressly appreciate his efforts to redefine Polish cuisine along most innovative and ingenious paths. This is the place where – to quote the Chef – nature meets science and the unique taste of dishes comes from exploration of biodiversity and the combination of forgotten products and ingredients. Just a dose of marketing, perhaps? Definitely not: a dozen or so Moments, as Amaro calls his dishes, left us no place for doubt: this is true love for the kitchen supported by talent and great, inventive mind, delivered and demonstrated in every single dish.



The pleasure of virgin miles in a brand-new car. The unmistakable scent of fresh materials, seat cushions so supple, controls yielding with blissful pushback. No fingerprints yet, no layer of settled dust. Do you cherish the charm of driving a virgin car nobody’s driven before? Would you go for it without the need to buy one? We were answering the questions during our most recent social event in the Club’s garage: the launch of this year’s new metal in our fleet. Thank you for coming and greeting with us a new Bentley Continental GT. In Verdant – the noblest of colours in this brand’s palette. And then, one of the best supercars of the last years, this time in a convertible variant: AMG GT Cabrio. Complete with the AMG’s 50th Anniversary limited-edition enrichments. And then, a monster (with majuscule M) saloon from Bavaria in the new F-90 guise: we don’t have to mention the brand you know so well. And to round the offering, the usual suspect 911, here in the GTS guise with 3-litre opposed six cylinders newly-turbocharged. Another BMW, agile and fast, with “1” and with “M” in its name. An Audi TT? Of course, but in the masculine RS version. All yours to choose from: have a great summer at the wheel.



Come springtime and here we are: over the hills and far away, wasting no time, out for the bliss of driving along the finest of roads in the uplands. Nature coming back to live is a soothing view and yet it invigorates to look for adventure. Adventurous were also the cars we’ve driven – a choice of roadsters, the species purpose-built for absorbing roads and for the fun of driving. Where roads really live under the wheels, meandering in three dimensions, we keep reminded about the treasure of lightness. Engines, no matter how powerful, or even the best of suspension calibration can’t buy you the lightness, the sheer low vehicle weight, unless it is there in the first place. Faithful to this rule, we took with us a mix of today’s icons and some sports cars legends well over a dozen years old.



It is a common beginner mistake of anybody involving in motorsport for the first time to only consider it as competition, as the clock and rivals to beat. And then, to venture onto deep water too soon usually means bitter costs – financial at best. To promote more fluent and gradual entry into competition motorsport we have launched under our Supercar Club the Motorsport Academy. Starting with pleasure of sound and assured driving and then raising the level enables you to check your potential and then to make reasonable and informed plans for further development. The first days of spring saw on an a racetrack for everybody to test his speed under vigilant eye of our professional instructors. This was also an opportunity to experience a broad scope of sensations at the wheel, changing between agile FWD sports cars and rabid, rally-prepared AWDs. If there is another new wave of hidden talents among us, this is the screen for them to emerge.



The associations with the Disney movie is not accidental. In Åre in central Sweden, on a frozen lake, driving AWD cars on studded tyres, men grow younger and really become children. Timidly in the beginning, with much respect for the kinetics and the inertia when there’s only so much grip. With much apprehension because it’s so different than driving supercars on a dry tarmac. Then with more and more brio as the confidence builds up. Until the moment comes when you manage to throw the car right into the curve at a speed approaching 100 kph. This particular feeling cannot be compared to anything else experienced at the wheel. The obedience you get from a powerful car in the element of snow and ice all around, the pleasure of steering with the right pedal… and still we go there for more. If Supercar Club Poland’s 2019 Ice Driving event attracted most participants in years, it’s for the unique atmosphere of this special winter outing. Thank you guys for who you are!