Our 2019 season was full of track events, with as many as 14 we managed to hold. There was never any doubt we had to end it on a high note! For a fitting season closure we invited our Club members to join us on a Track Day held over two days, with over 20 participants. The cars we took included a Lamborghini Hurácan, two Porsche 911 Turbo S, one 911 Carrera S, a Boxster S, a new Toyota GR Supra and more. Of course our dedicated track machinery was present, in the form of N-group Lancer EVOs, a Subaru Impreza and a Ford Focus RS. Our team of experienced instructors ensured some real progress was made by all. In parallel we held a practice for beginners, our Women’s Driving Academy (where progress is always even bigger!) and a training to master holding car slides under control. In the depo/office we provided full service for drivers and cars (a team of mechanics, tyre fitting zone), a racing simulator and a fun corner to take care for children. Then, there were some surprises. One of them was an opportunity to test our Renault Mégane R.S. Trophy on the track – the only one in Poland so far. Recently this model has set a record on the Nürburgring in the hot-hatch category. Another was an occasion to do a lap in a 400 hp rally Ford Fiesta Proto. The real hit, however, was the first edition of our own “Miata Challenge” cup. Everybody could do three laps in a time attack format at the wheel of track-prepared Mazda MX-5. The competition was fiery, with emotions to match. After such an intensive time saying the season’s goodbye to dry tarmac we are all set to start our winter practice on snow and ice.



On 17 October, invited by Ferrari Polska and in cheerful company of some club members, we were guests on the re-opening of Ferrari Warsaw dealership. The event was an occasion to present the most powerful road car in the history of the prancing horse brand: a SF90 Stradale. Ferrari Warsaw’s showroom was relocated and arranged next to the service station. According to the brand representative, it is now the largest Ferrari dealership in this part of Europe. Certainly they have enough rooms we could freely admire four-wheeled works of art. During the opening night a new F8 Tributo and the legendary F40 could be seen, but it was the SF90 with its astounding performance and revolutionary technologies that really stole the show. Then, only two weeks later, another new model arrived from Maranello – an F8 Spider. A quiet launch of the successor to our 488 Spider spurred a debate over the direction in which Ferrari evolves. Our conclusions are positive: just wait until springtime to see the how this translates into something new in the Club’s car fleet.



For the fun of driving sports cars we tend to go over state borders and far away, to twisting tarmacs under Mediterranean skies. While it’s true, this isn’t the only way. To celebrate Polish golden fall, in mid-September we went to hilly South-Western region of our country. There, in Lower Silesia, we spent many days with a group of over 20 cars to prove once more that it’s perfectly possible to enjoy power and handling of supercars with no danger caused to other traffic. We made our headquarters in Wojanów palace. Its venerable walls date back to the 17th Century but were recently turned into a luxury hotel so you can sleep and relax in former royal rooms. Each morning we set out to explore impressive local landscapes around Jelenia Góra, special stages of Lower Silesia Rally and picturesque roads in the shadow of the Giant Mountains. A large number of cars enabled the drivers to try and compare different models, mostly new to them. Evening hours were spent on clashing opinions about which ones were better than others and why. Actually, it was only morning frost that finally convinced us to return to Warsaw. Indeed, by then the time was right to replace convertibles with some all-wheel-drives.



Our annual GT journey – this time to Catalonia – reached the finish line! Between 12th and 17th of September our team of 8 cars completed two loops, north-east and west of Barcelona, for a total of almost 750 miles. Catalonia passed the test with flying colours as just as good a place to drive a sports car as our favourite Italy. The combination of our fleet supercars with Catalan landscapes, roads, fine weather and exquisite food left no doubts about this being a proper Gran Turismo. We managed to visit an F1 racing circuit and drove along special stages of WRC Rally of Spain. Then, there was breathtaking old and new architecture, outstanding restaurants and gourmet hotels. As we reported in a detailed story on our blog, the time was all spent in 6th gear in order to enjoy as much as we could from this special region. The cars worked perfectly and the pleasure they gave us on smooth and twisty roads was enormous. We definitely recommend any petrolhead to follow our wheelsteps and… see you during our next year’s GT!



On September 10th enthusiasts of Japanese sports cars filled our garage. Together with Toyota Bielany, we held the launch of the new Toyota GR Supra. The return of this legendary car in a new guise after 17 years called for something special, which we did. Before that evening star was unveiled, we called the spirits of the samurai of old, entering the garage with the past iterations of the Supra. All of them – from Celica Supra Mk. 1, the only one in Poland – through our own Mk. 4 from 1990s. Having taught our guests enough about the heritage and roots of GR Supra, the cover went down and everybody’s looks locked on a sleek body in Lightning Yellow. This was time for shifting behind its wheel and discussing the car, mostly in approving terms. To make the night even more special, delicious drinks were served, based on Glenmorangie whisky and Belvedere vodka, but we weren’t biased – the bar opened only after the Supra won us.