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The Club offers an unlimited access to the fleet of the world’s best cars according to a time-sharing formula. In practice, the Club garage makes an extension of any member’s own one as cars are available immediately, at any time, day and night, at any indicated place in Europe. The Club members effectively only pay for the time they spend at the wheel. The bank of users is restricted to the Club members – small and carefully selected group of motoring hotheads who treat the cars as if they were their own and thus ensuring they’re always in perfect condition.


The very essence of the Club’s activity is to take our cars far away for a true road adventure. A travel, a journey, a tour – call it what you will, we organise this charming pastime along the routes we’ve filtered and selected in Poland and Europe. We have planted the concept of Gran Turismo upon Polish soil. Basically, this means travels the real sense of which is to freely go ahead and enjoy the pleasure of driving as much as the places on the way. We visit alluring sites unspoiled by mass tourism, staying in hotels and dining at restaurants known to the dainty few. All our trips are tailored to needs and expectations of those taking part. What we offer, really, is impressions that plain money can’t buy.


The experience with classic cars is a kind of pleasure you just can’t get from any contemporary car, no matter how expensive or exotic. As one of the first clubs globally we supplement our offer of supercars to be used according to a time-sharing formula by an analogical scheme involving classic cars. We render motor history icons available to our Club members – starting with cars dating from 1950s through exciting youngtimers. This is not only about machinery – this is just as much about lifestyle. Accordingly, we propose to our classic car enthusiasts various ways of having quality time with us, all in the spirit of true old-school motoring.


  • We provide our Club members with counselling about choice and use of their cars.
  • We seek, purchase and sell unique cars on order – always remaining on the customer’s side, without ever acting as the other party of the deal.
  • We involve in renovation and expert modifications of both supercars and classic cars.
  • We provide, on an exclusive basis in Poland, opportunities of insuring untypical, exotic and classic cars, including those registered abroad.
  • We prepare and hold motoring trips and experiences tailor-made to individual orders.

In short, it is our obligation and role to satisfy all our members’ car-related dreams and expectations, whatever they might be.


We care for developing friendly contacts and camaraderie among our Club members. People brought together by a common passion enjoy each other’s company, chatting and having fun together. As time goes by, this common denominator yields true friendships as well as business relations. We meet on a regular basis at Club breakfasts, discussion meetings, whisky and cigar evenings or gourmet tastings, unfolding our passions and having great time together.


You are presented with our Club’s complete offer and updated price-list during an application appointment to be attended in person. Please contact us in order to have an appointment arranged.