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Meeting in 911Garage

Visual tuning just isn’t our thing and exceptions are extremely rare. However, quite recently we had a very unusual one. RAUH-Welt Begriff is a Japanese style of visual mods for Porsche 911 authored by Akira Nakai San – by now, a world-acclaimed star of car tuning, with remarkable cult following. As he does guest jobs travelling to different places, his latest work – on a 911 belonging to our Club Member – was done near Warsaw. We had an opportunity to meet the master craftsman and witness the process in which a legend was created. Hundreds of fans swarming at the workshop’s door were a living proof something very special was taking place.


Collecting a Ferrari 812 GTS

Moments like this happen to us a few times a season. Collecting a new supercar from a dealer is always worth a small celebration. This time it was a Ferrari 812 GTS, believed to be one of the last naturally aspirated V12s on the market. We had been waiting long for the day, also because the order was rather demanding, with Rubino Micalizzato varnish, hand-painted Scudetto shield, and some extras from Ferrari Atelier. Straight from the brand’s Warsaw dealership we went to enjoy a dinner with the best possible view – overlooking the car we’d just collected. Welcome home!


Mountain Driving Camp 2023

It has been our tradition for many years to start and finish every season with some proper practice we call the Driving Camp. As day temperatures first rise to double-digits in the spring, we know it’s time to go to the hills. The point is to warm up the machinery and ourselves on endless twisty roads, to have lots of driving fun and to upgrade our skills behind the wheel. Awaiting us is a group of experienced instructors and an all-star team of fine sports cars, including a Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS, Lotus Exige Sport, a brand new Civic Type-R, along with ten other, equally interesting cars, chosen to match the occasion.


SCC x Corporate Connections and BNI+ Meeting

Socializing isn’t just hanging around as we always take care to have quality time together. In much the same way, as we talk about business we ensure this is time well spent, in company of partners that really fit. Networking meetings we hold are a new addition to the Club’s activities. This time in our garage we were forging synergies with members of Corporate Connections and BNI+.


Ice Driving Sweden 2023

Winter in Poland is all about fifty shades of grey so why not to venture up the map for the glare of white? To places where brilliant snow and ice are guaranteed. In Northern Sweden we find vast lands and frozen lakes summing up to a wonderful playground for fans of winter driving. Low grip, sweeping power slides and controlling a powerful car equipped with studded tyres make great fun and even greater training to become more advanced. All in jolly good company and in fine frosty weather, repeated each year as one of our regular events.