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About the club

The Club is my dream come true. A garage full of fantastic cars you drive whenever you like, long-distance trips, training on road and track, enthusiasts’ meetings, real club air. And most of all, great people. If you love cars, just feel invited.

Krzysztof Hołowczyc
The club founder, holder of #001 club card.

The Idea

The Club was founded in 2010 by Krzysztof Hołowczyc who transplanted the idea of time-sharing, popular in Anglo-Saxon countries, onto Polish ground. This formula enables Members to freely use a wide range of cars they like to drive but not really wish to own. This way they only pay for the time spent at the wheel. All costs and burdens involved are covered by the Club, including loss of value, insurance, maintenance, etc. Members only get the bright side: the fun.


It’s the cars we are here for. Our garage houses the most interesting supercars in today’s market, reserved for exclusive use of our Members. You are here to choose from a fleet of almost thirty best cars in the world, to book them with much flexibility and to enjoy untroubled and unlimited driving fun.

From nimble V6, through mid-mounted V8 and V10, to exuberant V12. The world of fiery turbocharged power and that of precise and fluid naturally-aspirated torque. All types of drive and all handling characteristics. No matter what you cater for in high-profile motoring, here you will get it.

The Club vs. rent-a-car

What differs the Club from car-rental:

  • the access to our cars is restricted to a closed and trusted circle of the Club Members;
  • all our cars are in mint condition;
  • the cars may be taken and given back from/to any place you choose, in Poland as well as Europe;
  • the Club Members come to us to stay (one year is the minimum) so you never share cars with casual users;
  • the Club Members have their word to say about the Club activities (the choice of cars to acquire, routes and places for our road trips);
  • time-sharing is less expensive than cars rental;
  • the Club offers comprehensive management of Members’ private garage (known as concierge);
  • the Club’s socialising side is very important aspect of what we do;
  • this includes many regular shared activities.

Club Members

They are mostly businessmen, company owners, investors. All of them share a true motoring passion, the spirit of adventure, curiosity of new experiences as well as high level of culture, both personal and behind the wheel.

The Club is for you if:

  • you own one or a couple of cars just for the driving fun and you’d also like to try different ones without having to own them;
  • you do your daily commuting with a sensible car, having no time or conditions to possess a driver’s car but still you’d occasionally fancy a jaunt in one;
  • you’ve already owned a sports car once, faced all the trouble involved and you say “never again!”;
  • you are planning to buy a driver’s car and wish to make an informed choice;
  • you’ve got your own cars and don’t really need other ones but you’d gladly take part in meetings, road trips or training;
  • you own an interesting car without using it a lot and you’d like it to make some money for you in the meantime.


Supercar Club Poland is a dynamic project which keeps evolving along with its Members, their expectations and ideas. We are open to any new directions to grow up.

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Our Members enjoy particular and individual welcome in each one of the Club’s partner companies. Details about our special offers are provided to our Members at request.

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