April 10-19, 2024

You can choose from 1 to 9 days.

The Camp is based at Tuscan villa where Horacio Pagani (renowned car designer Horacio Pagani) showcases cars to clients and Ferrari chose it for the premiere of Purosangue – not without reason, as some of the best roads in the world start from its gates.


Marek Kondrat Introduction – a renowned connoisseur of cars and wine – will introduce us to the world of Chianti, Montalcino, and Montepulciano flavors.

Every day we depart as a group for an exclusive route of approximately 250km/150miles unique roads, stopping halfway for lunch and savoring amazing local specialties.

We will explore the area between Florence – Siena – Grosetto.

Cars are also available for individual trips – we provide ready routes and suggestions for interesting places to visit.

For those interested, we organize guided tours of the region with transportation – if tasting is the goal, and for the active ones, cycling trips.

In the evenings, we feast on the terrace with the awesome view of the sun over the hills, enjoying local wine.

We have several of the world’s best cars on-site


  • Tuscan villa with individual apartments and exclusive service
  • Daily excursions on the most interesting roads in the region
  • Many club cars available
  • Instructor supervision, benefit from the guidance of professional instructors, who are not only experienced drivers but also experts in high-performance driving techniques. They’re here to ensure you get the most out of your driving experience, offering personalized feedback and safety tips.
  • Leading cars, each driving session is led by seasoned drivers in leading cars, setting the pace and guiding the route. These lead drivers are skilled in navigating the scenic roads of Tuscany, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable speed of journey for all participants.
  • A spy car driving ahead of the group, a unique feature of our program, the “spy car” is driven by a skilled scout who travels ahead of the group to monitor road conditions and traffic. This proactive approach helps in adjusting the route in real-time, ensuring the best possible driving experience with minimal interruptions.
  • Self-driving – trips on your own with recommended routes and places
  • Lunches at local restaurants
  • Tuscan dinners with authentic local cuisine and wine
  • Excursions to the most interesting places in the region
  • Possibility of staying with family
  • 1,500 km of tested and described brilliant routes

Additional costs include:

  • Flights and transfers from the airport (we’re happy to assist)
  • Self-driving or transportation of your own car (joining club transport – 2500 USD)

Recommended Flight Destinations & City Tour Suggestions:

As you plan your visit to our Tuscan villa, we suggest arriving through one of the following cities, each a gateway to Italy’s unparalleled cultural and historical richness:

  • Florence,
  • Bologna,
  • Pisa,
  • or Rome.

These destinations offer a perfect blend of history, art, and stunning landscapes, setting the stage for an unforgettable Italian adventure.

Assistance with City Tour Suggestions:

While we are not able to organize city tours directly, we are more than happy to help you plan your exploration of these magnificent cities. Whether you’re interested in discovering Florence’s Renaissance art, Bologna’s medieval charm, the iconic Leaning Tower in Pisa, or Rome’s ancient wonders, we can provide suggestions for reputable tour companies, must-see attractions, and hidden gems.

Planning and Recommendations:

Please keep in mind, the organization of city tours will be up to you, but we’re here to make the planning process as smooth as possible. We can suggest tour operators known for their quality services and provide insights on creating an itinerary that suits your interests and schedule.

Assistance with Transportation:

While we can’t organize city tours, we are ready to assist with your transportation needs to and from these cities. Whether you need advice on renting a car, arranging for a private transfer, or simply finding the most scenic route to our villa, our team is here to ensure your travel is hassle-free and enjoyable.

For any assistance or suggestions regarding your trip itinerary, including city tours and transportation options, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our goal is to help you experience the very best of Italy, even beyond the bounds of our villa.

Limited number of spots.
Applications are confirmed via email.

You can flexibly choose:

  • any number of days (from 1 to 9)
  • any amount of driving
  • cars listed bellow
  • driving in a group or individually (we provide routes)

We suggest booking at least 3 days.

COSTS (USD netto)

SHARE / HOTEL / FOOD USD/1 day USD/3 days USD/6 days
1 person – promotion until 28.02 1 800 5 200 10 100
1 person 2 000 5 700 11 100
2 people – promotion until 28.02 2 000 5 700 11 100
2 people 2 200 6 200 12 100
in a group 1,50
one on one with the host 5,10
Mazda MX-5 NC – manual RWD 220 KM 1,50
Mazda MX-5 ND – manual RWD 210 KM 1,50
Fiat 500 Abarth- manual FWD 180 KM 1,50
Ford Mustang Bullitt – auto RWD 460 KM 3,00
Honda Civic Type-R 2021 – manual FWD 320 KM 3,00
BMW M140i – auto AWD 470 KM 3,00
BMW Z4 M40i – automat RWD 340 KM 3,00
Honda Civic Type-R 2023 – manual FWD 330 KM 3,00
Porsche 911 Carrera S – automat RWD 385 KM 3,00
Ford Focus RS – manual AWD 400 KM 3,00
Toyota GR Yaris – manual AWD 300 KM 3,00
Porsche Boxster S – auto RWD 325 KM 4,50
Alpine A110S – automat RWD 290 KM 4,50
Alfa Romeo 4C – auto RWD 240 KM 4,50
BMW i8 – auto AWD 360 KM 4,50
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X – manual AWD 400 KM 4,50
Subaru Impreza STi Spec C – manual AWD 380 KM 4,50
Porsche 911 Carrera 4S (991.1) – auto AWD 400 KM 4,50
Corvette C8 Convertible – auto RWD 495 KM 6,00
Porsche 718 Spyder – auto RWD 420 KM 6,00
Aston Martin Vantage Roadster – auto RWD 510 KM 6,00
Lotus Exige 420 Sport – manual RWD 420 KM 6,00
Porsche 911 GT3 (992) – auto RWD 510 KM 7,50
Porsche 911 Turbo S (992) – auto AWD 620 KM 7,50
Ferrari Portofino – auto RWD 600 KM 9,00
Nissan GT-R Track Edition – auto, AWD, 600 KM 9,00
Porsche 911 GT3 RS – auto, RWD, 525 KM 9,00
Maserati MC20 – auto, RWD 630 KM 9,00
Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder – auto AWD 640 KM 10,50
Ferrari 458 Spider – auto, RWD 570 KM 10,50
Ferrari 296 GTB – auto, RWD, 820 KM 12,00
McLaren 720s Spider – auto RWD 720 KM 12,00
Ferrari F8 Spider – auto RWD 720 KM 13,50
Ferrari 812 GTS – auto, RWD, 800 KM 16,50

If you have any additional questions, contact me.

Michał Gawior
+48 666 660 990

April 10-19, 2024