GRAN TURISMO ITALIAN ODYSSEY 2013 - Supercar Club Poland
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Before you call anything the most exciting experience you ever had, wait a minute. Actually, wait until you take the co-driver’s seat in Hołek’s rally car. A blast at 120 miles an hour along a gravel road through a forest is going to redefine your notion of what is possible. And driving technique is far from the only area as you speak with Krzysztof. As a matter of fact, you are probably going to meet one of the most remarkable persons in your life.

If you fancy testing yourself at the wheel of a rally car, you’re invited to a gravel track to learn how to use power slides to good effect on that type of surface. This is about being effective – it takes ever more practice to become spectacular, too. We go there in a convoy of supercars, enjoying fine roads and stopping for fine dishes on our way to Mazury and back.

This is highly recommended. And we mean it.