GRAN TURISMO ALPINE PASSES 2014 - Supercar Club Poland
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You are hardly ever going to sense real pleasure driving a supercar as long as you’re lacking true driving skills or plod along in frustrating city traffic. Using our club rally cars with professional sport driving instructors, we show you how to master our cars and make the most of their potential. The training is tailored to everybody’s individual needs so there are no more than five participants during a whole-day session. We work together to achieve the goal you set for your driving skills.

In training we use AWD and RWD cars so that you may practice intuitive control of drive types most frequently used on supercars. Unlike typical driving schools in the market, we don’t focus on defensive driving. Instead, we believe a skilled and confident fast driver is much safer on the road than a timed and tentative one. Each session ends with demonstrative lap with one of our instructors at the wheel – to show you there is always much left to practice before you catch up with the best.