Club Members

They are mostly businessmen, company owners, investors. All of them share a true motoring passion, the spirit of adventure, curiosity of new experiences as well as high level of culture, both personal and behind the wheel.

The Club is for you if:

  • you own one or a couple of cars just for the driving fun and you’d also like to try different ones without having to own them;
  • you do your daily commuting with a sensible car, having no time or conditions to possess a driver’s car but still you’d occasionally fancy a jaunt in one;
  • you’ve already owned a sports car once, faced all the trouble involved and you say “never again!”;
  • you are planning to buy a driver’s car and wish to make an informed choice;
  • you’ve got your own cars and don’t really need other ones but you’d gladly take part in meetings, road trips or training;
  • you own an interesting car without using it a lot and you’d like it to make some money for you in the meantime.