Dear Members,
In such a high summertime as now, does it fit to mention autumn days? Of course not, unless in order to sketch catchy prospects and raise great expectations about the season to come.

September is the perfect time for a GT trip – with weather still fine but less searing heat, and reduced tourist traffic enabling us to freely benefit from roads and other attractions.

This year we set sail where we haven’t been yet. As keen drivers we always appreciate mountain passes but we are also about variety and avoiding dogma. In this spirit, we’re going to spend days from 20 to 25 September travelling across German Black Forest and French Alsace – to Champagne!

This West-European course abounds with attractions one can hardly find in other regions. Starting from Stuttgart rightly suggests the motif of ambitious motoring – and yes, we will visit the fascinating Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen! Then, highly motivated to do some good job behind the wheel we will explore twisting roads of a mountain range in Baden, known under a romantic name of Black Forest.

Across the Rhine we’ll get to Alsace – the region famous of many things, including some top-of-the top sports cars – Bugatti… not forgetting about delicious white wines of this land, such as riesling, gewürztraminer or muscat. Cutting through breath-taking panoramic hills of the Vosges we shall reach our proper destination: a bright and winding country-land called Champagne after the word “le champ” (a field).

Two days will be gladly dedicated to visits in reputable houses of Champagne: pleasing our eyes and palates we shall get to know more about the world’s most chic sparkling wine. Stationary attractions, especially fitting during the season of grape harvesting and pressing, will be interspersed with cruising our cars to appreciate relaxed landscape around Reims, famous for its gothic cathedral, and Épernay.

The final stage will lead us close to Paris and to one of the most impressive French châteaux that could easily rival those of the Loire valley, and moreover, neighbours a legendary race track. The actual finish will take place in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.

Experience some unforgettable adventures with us!

Supercar Club Poland

20-25 September

2,290 pts / person
3,990 pts / couple