777 - Supercar Club
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We keep track of what’s going on in today’s motor industry and check on the regular basis which new cars to add to our fleet. As an unwritten rule, the most attractive things are hidden from casual visitors’ view. It’s also behind the scenes that one gets to know and talk to those behind the leading car makes – people with true influence on what cars we are going to drive in years to come. Thanks to our insider contacts among manufacturers we get the backstage pass and learn at source what to expect from the car market, before such information is published. Mind you, some exhibitors’ hospitality has no limits…

This, however, it’s just a beginning. You are accompanied by the Club guide – an expert in car industry who delivers tidbits concerning new models we watch using insider knowledge, with none of generic press kit bragging. And then there is another side to trade fairs: the host town. We go for gourmet hotels and restaurants so that these days and nights are fondly remembered. This is not just about cars – we wouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit an upmarket watchmaker or a partner banking/investment house.