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Season 2023 surveys

The Club really listens to its members’ voice. Many decisions are made together, via surveys and votes. The choice of cars, destinations of trips or membership benefits all result from debate. Some suggestions you come up with become our agenda, others are nice surprises, for example when a member invites a group of others to visit him. Because we are about the community.


Valhalla premiere

The launch of a limited hypercar is a good opportunity for a glass of champagne and a chat about joining the Club. Aston Martin Valhalla – a 1,000-horsepower piece of automotive art the Club members could get to know at an exclusive curtain rise at the Aston Martin Warsaw showroom, is a super-lightweight top competitor. According to the manufacturer, its technologies and the driving experience it gives are as close as you can get to a Formula 1 single-seater.


Mountain Driving Camp

As usual, our regular driving camp brought a mix of weather conditions. We nearly experienced all seasons in a week, with hoods down in the sunshine to begin with, then some rain and then tackling a snowy surface for a good dose. Thank you for your good company and for your quality job at the wheel. See you next spring!


Connoisseur status

Authenticity is becoming a dying species in today’s automotive industry. Cars are becoming so tame and compromised, insisting to make your life easier. They increasingly reach to take the driver’s role from your hands – hardly your market if you’re after being in control of a pure machine. Our mission at the Club is to give access to unadulterated pleasure of driving a car. With years of experience we extend the notion: it’s also about maintaining and offering older, more heartfelt cars, some of them unique. To match, we created the Connoisseur category: by acquiring a Connoisseur Status you, get access to pure-bred cars that require competence and respect but give so much in return.


Aston Martin DBX707 premiere

We welcomed a new heavyweight to our Club to provide our members with top level driving experience also during the winter. Aston Martin DBX707 in Aston F1 car paint is the embodiment of a true power of a supercar enclosed in a large SUV body. As a surprise to the Club members, there were as many as five Aston DBXs present on the launch day, driven by us in a motorcade – courtesy of the Aston Martin Warsaw team.